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The DCI, the Duelists' Convocation International, is an organization which administers the whole tournament structure of Wizards of the Coast games. Founded in September 1993, the DCI, at that time named Duelists' Convocation, offered two different membership levels: The free Mana membership and the $30 US Legend membership. The Magic Librarities 1 DCI Legend membership poker deck 1 Italian Legends booster pack announcement papers that a commemorative 1997 World Championships Limited Edition prepaid phone card will be given to DCI Legend members (only for members who joined or renewed before September 1, 1997). This old info has been verified and no phone card was ever created or given. The Magic Librarities

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1.5 DCI Membership Number . Tournament participants must provide their DCI membership number to the Scorekeeper during registration. Players without a DCI membership number must request one from the Tournament Organizer. There is no cost associated with joining the DCI, but members are only allowed one DCI membership number. Results containing

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Some DCI Legend Membership Promos are NFC (Non Factory… 1 DCI Legend membership poker deck 1 Italian Legends booster pack 1 six-issue subscription to The Duelist Sideboard magazine 1 commemorative 1997 World Championships Limited Edition prepaid phone card (for participation before the first of September 1997). DCI Legend Membership - mtg.wtf DCI Legend Membership contains 2 cards. Released: 1995-01-01. Counterspell {U}{U}.Syntax Help • Rules • Contact. Sets • Artists • Formats • Decks. Merric - Battlemage Deck - Combo - Legends Decks - The… Launch The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Press the "New Deck" button. The game should automatically detect your deck. Profit!Hi, I've wanted to build a Merric deck, and tried to copy your list but I'm missing several cards. I attempted to substitute in other cards.